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A Family Tree

A Family Tree

I was thrilled to be commissioned to create this piece as a gift to welcome a new baby into a family.  The piece honors the for people for whom the child was named with a family tree theme.
The tree is made completely from free motion thread painting and images of the four namesakes, printed on fabric, were incorporated into the composition. The completed piece was then mounted on stretch canvas
The namesake shown on the top left was an imaginative storyteller, therefore that part of the tree was made with bright colored varigated threads.  The namesake on the top right was remembered for her unselfish devotion and is shown caring for the child’s mother.  The gentleman in the bottom left was a stable family man and is therefore pictured at the base of the tree. And the bottom right portion of the tree is made from the words of Leo Baeck, the final namesake.
The Hebrew quote painted on the left is from 1 Samuel 14:45 where Yonatan (the child’s Hebrew name) is protected from harm.  It says: “As the Lord lives, not a hair on his head shall fall to the ground.”

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