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Studio Clean Up

Studio Clean Up

tableNow that I’m done with the commissioned pieces and between projects, I decided it was time to organize the studio a little bit.  I’m most excited about my new cutting table.  Since I’ve been using the floor for everything that requires a flat surface, this will be a HUGE help.  It’s great because it’s on wheels and folds up easily, so I can get it out of the way when it’s not needed.

Also now organized are my fabric drawers – all sorted by color and fabric type … and the overflow (which happened to be sheers) ended up in sweater holders in the closet along with completed tallitot, challah covers, and other misc items without a home.


And all my threads, paints, and tools are now neatly organized in plastic drawers.  It won’t stay this way for long, but at least I know where everything is … and now I can dig in and get started on the next project!


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