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NY Art Shows – Part 2

On Friday, I wrote about some of the art that caught my attention at The Armory Show and SCOPE NY.  As promised, some of the intriguing layered art is below.

A real highlight was Irfan Onerman’s “Gaze Series” created by layers of tulle.  With rough shapes in different colors of tulle, the images really come to life.  A few examples are below.
onerman2 onerman3 onermandet

Another piece I couldn’t stop looking at was by Jacob Hashimoto made from suspended pieces of paper and wood.
hashimoto hashimotodet (detail)

arshamThere were so many great pieces, but I have to share just one more; a piece by Daniel Arsham. I just love the way it becomes one with the wall.

Well, that’s my sampling from the shows, but there’s much more to see.  If you have some free time this afternoon, check them out for yourself!

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