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New York Art Shows

I spent several hours taking in the art at The Armory Show and SCOPE today.  There was so much amazing art, it’s hard to know what to share, but I was drawn to pieces that fit two themes: pieces made from unusual or surprising materials and layered pieces that change as you walk around them.

hazeltonIn the surprising material category, Paul Hazelton’s “Pink Dress” (left) made from household dust was at the top of my list.

datunaAnother artist who uses interesting materials is David Datuna whose work is created with eyeglass lenses (right).

Augusto Esquivel (below left) creates sculptures from buttons that are suspended from the ceiling or a shelf.  And Federico Uribe (below right) makes whimsical sculptures from colored pencils.

esquivel uribeI’ll write about the layered pieces next week.  In the meantime, if you can get to either show this weekend, do it!

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