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One of Those Days…

In case you thought studio time was all fun and games, I’m here to assure you that “those days” also happen in the studio.  I started the day working on a small piece that’s created with woven strips of gradated fabric.  The first decision was whether the piece should alternate colors or have them all go the same way.

pattern1 or pattern2

oopsI decided to go with the second version.  So far so good.  Decision made.  Time to layer and quilt.  I don’t know why I thought I would be able to free-motion quilt the strips without fusing or basting.  What made me think the strips would stay in place? Well, they didn’t.

So I ripped that out, repositioned the strips and got out the clear thread to do a zig-zag stitch holding the strips together.  It was then time to try it again with the free motion quilting.  Since I only stitched the strips down in one direction, there were still loose pieces the free motion foot needed to get over.  Unfortunately, it decided to go under some of them.  It gets worse though.  When the foot slips under, the needle is still over the strip … and then stitches it in place so the foot is stuck in place.

stuck1 stuck2

Now, you might think that once that happened one or two times I would see it coming and not let it happen again, but no.  I lost count after 8 or 9 of these abrupt stops in my quilting.  But, I pushed forward and finished the quilting.  And then I turned off the machine and decided to leave the binding for tomorrow!


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