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The Journey to B’nai Mitzvah

This morning, 11 thoughtful 7th graders at Congregation B’nai Tikvah of Central New Jersey created fiber art that represented their journeys leading up to becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  Some worked alone while others were joined by a parent.

Tikvablog2This young man, assisted by his mother, created a wonderful abstract piece.  On the left are red, yellow, and orange shapes that represent his anxiety and nervousness when beginning his studies.  Now, just three weeks from his big day, he has transitioned to a calm confidence about his upcoming Bar Mitzvah, shown by the blue and green shapes on the right.
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The piece on the right above was made by a young woman excited to soon be able to wear a tallit and take on the commandments as a Jewish adult.

blog3The piece on the left was made by a young man who, after much reflection, found that he was happy with his Bar Mitzvah studies.  When he started studying for his Bar Mitzvah, he didn’t think that he would be able to learn everything that he had to.  But, now after just a few months, he was surprised to find that he could in fact do it and was pleased with his progress.  The smile shows his happiness and the raised eyebrows represent his surprise at his own abilities.

Tikvablog1This young woman, who already became a Bat Mitzvah, described the day as “magical” and created a piece with her mother about that incredible day.

I had a wonderful time with all these students and was impressed with their work.  I can’t wait to return to work with one of the younger classes in April!

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