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Talmud Synesthesia

Last night, I attended a wonderful Jewish Art Salon Program at the Sixth Street Community Synagogue.  Poet Jake Marmer read his Talmud-inspired poems, while Greg “Jazz Rabbi” Wall on saxophone, Uri Sharlin on keys, Rob Henke on trumpet, and Jon Madof on guitar musicians interpreted the spoken material.

With the poetry and music as inspiration, attendees were asked to create visual art.  It was an absolutely incredible experience!  I never take the time to sit and sketch and to have permission to simply play was really magical.  At the end of the performance, it took a while before anyone moved.  It was as if we were in a trance, focused on our sketches/paintings and unable to return to the world too quickly.

I hope the Jewish Art Salon and the Sixth Street Community Synagogue continue these innovative and inspiring programs!

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