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Learning with all Ages

3rd gradeThis morning, I had the opportunity to teach at Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester where my husband is the Associate Rabbi.  It was absolutely incredible to work with all ages in just a short amount of time.  I started the day with the third grade and their parents where we looked at the art on the outside of “Temporary Shelter.”  The students (see right) identified pieces that spoke to them and talked about what the homeless kids who created them may have been thinking.

This was followed by two sessions with adults where we explored the texts which inspired the piece.  The thoughtful group asked good questions and raised important issues about our relationship with homeless individuals in our community.  It was even more special because two of my teachers from Junior High School took the time to come to the program!

And finally, we finished the day with the K-4th graders.  This wonderful group of students spoke about what it means to be homeless, how it might feel, and what they can do to help.  I was impressed by the reflective and sympathetic comments of these young people.

I hope that, as Temple Beth El hosts the guests of the Emergency Shelter Partnership in upcoming weeks, all present will remember today’s lesson and try to learn a little about their guests as individuals.

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