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More Art from the Bronx

On Friday, I worked with another wonderful group at a Bronx shelter.  Each of them made a fiber art piece for Temporary Shelter and a few of the finished pieces are below.


Aiyana and Pedro work on their pieces.


Kimone, age 12, told me that she enjoys living in the shelter because “if there was no shelter, we would be in the streets.”


Kemenah, age 9, said the shelter “is clean and [she is] very happy.”  She also said that she was sad to leave her friends when she had to move to the shelter, but made many more new friends there.

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I think this was the last shelter visit for this project, but I really loved it, so hopefully I’ll be able to continue in another way. As for the pieces I’m making about the homeless people I interviewed, I have 3 more pieces for the project and who knows what comes next?!?

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