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Art from Tilden Hall Family Residence

AlexI worked with an absolutely wonderful group of kids today at Tilden Hall Residence in Brooklyn.  They worked diligently to create thoughtful fiber art pieces and made it very hard  for me to choose a few to share with you.
14 year-old Alex has been living in the residence with his mother, brother and sister for 3 months.  He said, “It is a stressful life living in the shelter. … My life of being homeless is full of journeys and traveling and sleeping inside hotels. Also I move state to state.” His piece shows a city scene with a bridge.


Andres, age7, lives with his mother and sister in the shelter.  Living there is “good” and he likes to paint at the camp.  His favorite color to paint is light blue.


And LaShaye, age 5, lives with his mother, father and brother. She said that living in the shelter is “good”.

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