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Steven Finds the Light – And So Do I

This piece gave me a lot of trouble, but it’s finally done! I added a few more images and tweaked the placement before sewing them all in place this morning.  Then, I placed gold tulle over the whole piece and stitched diagonal lines from the top right, making rays of light.  I then cut away every other “ray” so the tulle looks like the sun’s rays filtering through the darkness.


While this piece was a real challenge, I learned a ton!  I discovered a new product and technique which really saved the design of the piece – Transfer Artist Paper.  This stuff is amazing!  I was able to transfer the words of Steven’s poem directly to the piece instead of attaching another fabric with the words – like a word bubble.  I also learned that less is not always more.  Adding more and larger drug images really enhanced the design.  Thank you to all my SAQA friends for their guidance and suggestions as this piece came together!

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