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Art from Queens

I visited a shelter in Queens yesterday and worked with a wonderful group of students.  JusticeSmOnce again, each student made a piece that told his or her story.  A few examples are shown here.

Justice, age 11 has been living in the shelter for 3 months with his mother and sister.  He said “My experiences of being homeless are hard because I lost a family member and got little money so we can barely eat.”  In his piece, the blue teardrop represents his sadness and the broken orange heart is about the hatred of others.


Tayray, age 11, has been living in shelter for 5 months.  He told me “I feel good because it is not the street.”

AndrewSmAndrew, age 9, lives in the shelter with his father.  In his piece, the blue represents sadness, the orange happiness and the green is his anger.

I have been working on the piece that tells Steven’s story and will post it as soon as I get a little further.

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