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A Visit to Town & Country

I visited the Town & Country Residence last week and worked with a group of wonderful students ages 6-11.  Each of them made a piece that will be included in Temporary Shelter.  Below are a couple examples of their work.

KayshaSeven-year-old Kaysha has been living in this shelter for a year with her mother. She told me that it feels “bad” to live in the shelter.  She liked it better before because she had lots of friends and the park was open all the time.

To show her sadness and loneliness, she used brown and black.  The red represents her anger and the green is her loneliness.  The orange is for “when me and my mom started to work things out.”

Taijani smTaijani is 11 years old and she has conflicted feelings about living in the shelter.  “When I came here, I felt sad and scared.  My mom told me to calm down and be happy.  When I went to my room I thought it was nice.”  Each color in her piece represents a different feeling that she experienced when first moving in.  The black fabric with purple and blue circles shows her happiness.  The blue square beneath it is sadness.  The light purple represents her boredom.  The brown paisley print represents moments of depression and the orange shows her anger.

Michael smTen-year-old Michael remembers the day he moved into the shelter.  “When I first moved in it was clean but I saw a dead water bug on the floor.  I didn’t like to be in here because it feels depressing.”  The water bug stuck in his mind and he decided to picture the bug in his piece.

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