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John’s Story

Jose2Quilted sm John is a trucker.  After getting his truck stuck under a bridge, he lost his job and soon after, could no longer afford rent.  Unlike Joe, John found that people were willing to help.  His two daughters (both married and living in the Bronx) invited him to stay with them until he got back on his feet.  But John didn’t want to be a burden or interfere with their lives, so he decided to enter the shelter system. When I spoke with him a few months ago, he had some job interviews lined up and was hoping to be back on his own again soon.

The piece (pictured on the left), shows his journey on the open road.  The damaged truck at the top of the piece is merely another curve in the journey of his life.  The two open doors represent the homes of his daughters that he decided to bypass and the truck at the bottom represents his return to the road and his life.

In the background of the piece, I quilted meandering roads in clear thread.  We all get distracted by the winding paths life takes us on, but with focus and determination like John’s, we can pave a path and follow it to our desired destinations.

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