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Expanded Design Wall!

Studio2I’m so excited that I now have more room on my design wall!  Previously, I had a space approximately 4’x5′ on my design wall … which was becoming problematic while trying to design and create 3’x8′ pieces.

A big thank you goes to my fiance who suggested that we move the bookcase between the tv and my “studio” (which is a corner of our living room) so that I could expand the design wall.  And that’s what we did!    Studio1I took rubber flooring squares that are meant for exercise rooms or the garage, nailed them to the wall (see the picture on the right) and then covered the whole thing with a large piece of batting (see left).  It works great because fabrics stick to the batting and pins easily go into the rubber for heavier pieces.

So now I have a blank slate and I’m ready to get going on the next story!

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  1. Super!
    I like that you are able to either stick pins in or press small pieces of fabric on.
    Now you need a reducing glass…or take pictures with a digital camera while you are designing.

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