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Telling Joe’s Story

doorfabricThe background fabric has arrived from Spoonflower, so I’m ready to start sewing Joe’s story.  (Note: At his request, I am not using his real name.)  As Joe told me about his life and what brought him to the shelter … and eventually got him removed from the shelter in which he had found a home of sorts, I heard the many ways in which the world had offered him nothing but closed doors.

After a divorce and a lost job, he found out that the people he “thought would be there in hard times weren’t.”  With no one willing to offer a helping hand, he entered the NY shelter system.  But even that failed him when he missed his appointments due to a full time job that didn’t allow him to make it to the drop in center during normal business hours.

In order to reflect this feeling of nowhere to go and no one to help, I decided to create a background fabric that depicts closed doors.  I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and vibrant the colors are on this fabric which was printed at

Now I just need to figure out how to work on a piece 7.5 feet high on a design wall that’s only 4 feet high and the top of which is 6 feet off the floor… I’ll post my progress as the piece develops!

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