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Art from the Abyssinian House

I visited the after school program at the Abyssinian House today and worked with 7 wonderful students there for the “Temporary Shelter” project.  (As a side note, I’m excited to report that I am now more than 75% of the way to my goal on Kickstarter.comClick here to find out more or to make a pledge.) As at the previous shelters, each student made a square that represents a part of his/her story during their time in the shelters.Johanna2

15-year-old Johanna told me about her first day of high school. She said: “My first day of HS I passed my school stop and ended up going all the way to Coney Island when my school was really 3 stops away from where we were staying.”  Her piece reflects the frustration and nervousness she felt that day.


5-year-old Jada made a piece about the day she moved to the shelter.  That day, “felt bad” because she thought her mother was going to prison and she thought shelters were bad.  When she got there, she found out that it was good.  When asked about the shelter, she said “I like afterschool.  The teacher is nice.”

I’m excited to start assembling these amazing pieces of art into the final piece as well as to meet more thoughtful students as I continue my workshops.

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