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Breaking Out

Breaking OutLast weekend, I finally had a chance to do a little sewing.  I created this 9″ x 9″ piece Breaking Out for SAQA‘s This is a Quilt Traveling Trunk Show.  The traveling show is designed to demonstrate the wide variety of incredible techniques, materials, and methods used in modern art quilts.  Each artist includes a statement that talks about why s/he works in fabric and how her/his piece fits SAQA’s definition of a quilt (a contemporary artwork exploring and expressing aesthetic concerns common to the whole range of visual arts: painting, printmaking, photography, graphic design, assemblage and sculpture, which retains, through materials or technique, a clear relationship to the folk art quilt from which it descends).

The following is my statement about Breaking Out:

As a Fiber Artist, I don’t know how to express myself in anything but fabrics.  I started creating art quilts about seven years ago and can’t imagine using any other medium to tell my stories.  This piece started as a simple whole cloth quilt with one layer of cotton batting between cotton batik fabrics.  I machine quilted the piece using free-motion stitching with variegated thread.

The bright primary colors of the thread dance freely across the closed rectangles of the fabric to represent the way in which creating art releases us from the regular patterns of our everyday lives.  The colorful wire originating from the center of the thread-painted burst is an extension of the stitching, breaking the piece into the third dimension and away from stereotypes of what a quilt “should” be.  The wire encounters resistance when it meets the poultry fencing that covers the piece, but just as creativity cannot be contained by the monotony of everyday life, they find a way to break through to freedom.

I placed the piece in the mail today and am excited for it to be a part of this educational show.

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