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Collecting Stories

On Thursday, I went to the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in NYC and spoke with several of the men currently staying in their homeless shelter.  I was surprised and honored that the men were comfortable speaking with me and sharing their life stories.  Like many New Yorkers, I see homeless men and women every day and often give no thought to who they are as people – what they have experienced or what has brought them to this point in their lives.  Listening to these men made me appreciate how unique each person’s journey is.

Two of the men I spoke with lost their jobs and could no longer afford rent.  One found out the hard way that the people he thought he could count on weren’t there for him when he needed help the most.  Another refused his daughter’s plea to live with her until he found something new because he didn’t want to be a burden.  A third man, a recovering addict, is attending school and has discovered his abilities as a profound poet.

All of these stories and many more are circling my brain and slowly forming my next piece on homelessness.  I’m excited about this new challenge and will be blogging often as it comes to life!

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