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Quilted Melodies

AZquiltingdetail2 I decided to quilt the Anim Zmirot piece with a wave pattern that moves along the diagonal in red thread, bringing the one red fabric into better harmony with the rest of the piece.  In order to bring the music theme into the stitching, I added a G-Clef in the waves every once in a while.  You can see one or two in the detail on the left.

This piece was a fun experiment, playing with the idea of “weaving melodies” and I’m excited to try different methods for weaving fabric strips in both 2 and 3 dimensions.  Check back soon to see what happens!

I’m also excited to move forward on my piece about homelessness.  Tonight, I’m interviewing several homeless men currently staying in a faith-based shelter and hopefully their stories will soon be told in fabric…

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