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Quilting Brachot

Birchot HaShachar Today, I was able to layer and quilt the Birchot HaShachar piece.  The design has a crazy quilt feel with a variety of textured fabrics to convey the sensory overload we experience when first waking up.  When we wake to the physical world, we experience lots of colors and textures and then, as we recognize the things we’re seeing and feeling, we give thanks for the ability to see and feel. Since one of the blessings thanks God for “making me a Jew,” I used six blue fabrics in what I hope is a somewhat subtle Star of David. I see this section of the service coming from a place inside us that wakes up before we can use our words – from a place of wonder at waking to yet another day in this magnificent world.

The quilting lines mimic meandering paths that all lead to the same place in an orange block at the top of the quilt.  This represents the blessing thanking God for guiding us on out path.  No matter where we begin our day, with God’s help, we can be led in the right direction.

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